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Privet, Felicity!

  • Zohreh Daly

    I need to paint my ceiling! Oof! :-O

  • Lyraviolet

    I just love it! Our little girl is going to be a Felicity, too! Plus we are also doing a gray and orange nursery, fox themed.

  • Zohreh Daly

    Oh how wonderful! I saw some really cool fabric on spoonflower. . .kind of expensive but would be cute framed or on a pillow or something. Let me find it. . .

  • Jillian Scotts

    St. Basil’s Cathedral is really beautiful and it’s wonderful of you to choose it as a theme. Perfect for a colorful space!

  • BrittaDF

    where is that cute elephant stuffed animal from?

  • Zohreh Daly

    It’s from a company called DanDee and they also make a frog and a monkey.

  • Zohreh Daly

    It’s a pretty awesome church! One day we will see it in person!

  • Sarah

    I want to know where the illustrations came from. ?

  • Zohreh Daly
  • Ali Lambert Voron

    Great nursery! Just curious, where did you get that floating shelf? Thanks so much!

  • Zohreh Daly

    Thanks! That was purchased at Lowes for $20-something.

  • Carol Raburn

    Oh, sweet Felicity, she’s gorgeous! Her room is great.

  • Erin Kathleen Thim

    This is so great! I adore it! I love so many details you took care of and am loving the nesting doll pillow! I think i might need to make one for myself!!!!

  • Zohreh Daly

    Thank you!

  • Zohreh Daly

    Thank you, Carol!

  • Stacey

    What color wall paint did you use?


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