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Prince/Royal-Themed First Birthday Party for Boy


  • AngelsBreath

    Pretty cake! And I love what you did with the balloons. They look wonderful in all those metallic colors and swirly ribbons. And yeah, come to think of it, boys never have prince parties when girls do princesses all the time!

  • glpm22

    Angelsbreath-Thanks so much for ur kind and encouraging words..This was my 1st time planning party from scratch.

    I wish I had taken pics of the party favor and some other decorations I did..Just slipped my mind..

  • chinnu

    hi..Awesome ..All decorations, cake.everything


    I was dying for this theme..and searching online past 1 month..and didn’t find enough info..’


    Thanks for posting this..


    Where did you get the cake?

  • glpm22

    Thanks Chinnu..I got the cake from a local custom bakery shop.. The crown on the cake matches the crown in the invite.. I gave the invite to the lady and she worked from there..

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