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Price’s Bright and Modern Circus Nursery

  • kjkaggie03

    I love the paint color! Do you remember which one you used?

  • S.Harris

    Great color scheme – I love the thick ribbon weave/detail on the crib – fabulous! What a neat idea!!

  • cassidyjd626

    Love that blue stick figure print! Is it an Etsy find? I would love to know the seller! :)

  • Dandelion

    I just love the colors you used for this room — the whites, grays, greens and blues. Everything looks so neat and fresh and cool. It’s a very fun and stylish nursery.

  • Sara


    The blue stick figure print was done by my mom.

  • Jessaca

    Love my Pricey’s room <3

  • Kelly

    The most amazingly decorated nursery I have ever seen :)

  • Kate

    The curtains are beautiful. Could you tell me where you found those? They would match my son’s nursery perfectly. Thank you!

  • MoniqueLee

    Amazing job! This looks very professional. You could charge for nursery design, based on this room.

  • Rosenberry Rooms

    The weaved ribbon on the crib is so creative!! Great job!!

  • saramiller72511

    Dandelion: I’m sorry! I can’t remember what paint color this is.

    Kate: The curtains were done by my mom using some basic what fabric and adding the color blocks/stripes.

  • Abby

    How were you able to purchase from IKEA since you are from St. Louis? I am from St. Louis as well and have had trouble figuring out how I can buy products from IKEA. Seems like you can only buy directly from the store, but there are none located here.

  • Priscilla

    I love the tent back drop, did you make it yourself? Or was it purchased already made?

  • Beth

    I LOVE the toy bins! I have not seen those at Ikea– what style bin are they and how did you decorate them?

  • Emily


    I live in St. Louis too. I make a trip every year or so up to chicago with my sister in law, but if there’s something I want before I get up there I use this company. You pay just a little extra, but it saves you gas money!

  • Kelly

    I love the ribbon around the crib. So creative and unique. Can you tell me what type of ribbon you used and the width? Also where did you purchase it?

  • Bridget

    That floor lamp came from IKEA? I have never seen it in the store and do not see it on the website, so maybe I misinterpreted your notes on the room. I would LOVE to have that floor lamp for my daughters’ room.

  • Brandi

    I LOVE the ribbon around the crib. I have searched high and low for a inexpensive crib skirt in our colors, but they are SO expensive. Would you mind giving a quick tutorial as to how you did this and how much ribbon you used? I hope you dont mind me using your idea. It’s brilliant! AMAZING nursery!!!

  • Kclawges

    How many yards of ribbon… about 4 for each? Also how thick is that ribbon? I’m not sure I’ve seen ribbon like that before!

  • Eve

    Hello. I was wondering where you got the floor lamp. IKEA doesn’t sell it. Thanks.

  • Chelsie

    Can you tell me where you got the half circle white drawer pulls/handles from? I can’t find them anywhere in white!

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