Pom Poms and Ponies 5th Birthday

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For my daughter's 5th Birthday, she set her animal-loving heart on ponies, but she also wanted me to incorporate a rainbow theme because she loves color. Since I design poms for my etsy shop, I figured a Pom Poms and Ponies party was the best way to go! Thankfully, we have the beautiful Haile Equestrian Center just minutes from our home.

Design Inspiration

I've been so inspired lately by Aztec and tribal patterns. When I found one in pastel rainbow colors, I knew it was the one for Zia's party; enough color to make her happy, but unique enough because of the print. I created a Pinterest board to collect ideas and inspiration.

Decorating Style

My decorating style for this event was definitely clean and pretty. From the decor to the food, the details were simple yet easy on the eyes.

Project Details

My favorite detail of the party was the main backdrop for the food. I bought 3 rolls of kraft paper from Dollar Tree and drew a matching tribal pattern with chalk on two of them. It cost me only $3 (and 4 hours of work!)

Another project with beautiful results was the Caprese Salad in a jar. Since the party was literally inside a barn, I didn't want to bring open containers for the food. The jars were a practical and gorgeous way to serve the adults' food.

My husband baked the 6-layer pastel rainbow naked cake. I've been crushing on naked cakes for a while. The idea of not feeding my children so much icing  somehow makes me feel better about all the other sweets they have. My kids usually end up eating the icing and leaving the cake, but not this time. They were so enthralled by the hues they ate it with a smile. The colors added a nice touch to the display as well.

The sweetest detail, for me, was incorporating something to remember my mom who passed away from Pancreatic Cancer just three months ago. My daughter was very close to her and misses her terribly. One of the things they used to do together was drink chocolate milk. Every time we visited my mom, she would make my kids chocolate milk. I bought a carafe with chocolate milk for everyone to drink with their cake. I decorated it with a photo of my mom and her favorite flower, the Gladiolus.

Favorite Items

My favorite item has to be the tulle pom garland they allowed us to drape around the pony's neck. Jewel looked beautiful in it! I'm also crushing on the drawstring canvas gift bags with poms each guest got to take home, with a horse necklace adorned with a mini pom (another one of my favorites).

The stylish Personal Birthday Poster custom made by Claudia at TiniPosh was the perfect way to honor the birthday girl and welcome guests into our space.

Last, the tulle pom wooden forks are another party must! The biodegradable bamboo doesn't leave a taste in your mouth nor a footprint on the planet. Those spoons, as well as all the other tulle pom decor, is available at TiTi's TuTu's on etsy.


Go for it! Tribal print is the new chevron and pastels is the new rainbow. Don't be afraid to have fun mixing colors and patterns.

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