Planes, Trains, Automobiles and Damask

  • Canvas Plane Detail 11/31
  • Back Drop Detail2/31
  • Food Table 13/31
  • Guest Sign In4/31
  • Hanging Pom with Truck5/31
  • Kandy Kones ™  26/31
  • Kandy Kones™ 17/31
  • Kandy Kones™8/31
  • Pacifiers (2)9/31
  • Pacifiers and Poms 210/31
  • Pacifiers and Poms11/31
  • Pacifiers12/31
  • Pom and Train13/31
  • Poms and Airplane14/31
  • Table Detail 115/31
  • Food Label Detail16/31
  • Favor Table View 317/31
  • Food Label Detail 218/31
  • Cake Plate Ribbon Detail19/31
  • Candy Bar Detail20/31
  • Canvas Plane Detail 121/31
  • Cupcakes22/31
  • Cutlery Detail B&W23/31
  • Cupcake and Candle Detail24/31
  • Door Knocker Detail 125/31
  • Door Knocker Detail 226/31
  • Drinks 127/31
  • Favor Sign28/31
  • Favor Table Cupcake 129/31
  • Favor Table View 130/31
  • Table Detail 231/31


A Boy CHIC baby shower. A modern twist on a classic theme.

Design Inspiration

Color...I was actually working on a totally different project, when the thought to use Lime Green Damask came to me!!! I wanted to put a spin on a timeless theme, and I knew color would be the best way to do that.

Decorating Style

Bright, bold colors!!! Ecclectic and outside of the box!

Project Details

Favorite Items

The pacifiers that I spray painted to match the color pallete!


Its really easy.  The earlier you start the better.  But I did it all with a can a gloss spray paint, a triple thick clear gloss, acrylic paint and a little imagination!

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    Everything’s so cute and pretty. I really admire your attention to details. I like the pacifiers, the lollies, and the napkin-utensil holders. Are those flat, rectangular packages chocolates?

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