Pixar UP Theme 2nd Birthday Party and Gender Reveal

  • Custom UP Theme Onsie Birthday Invitations1/62
  • Custom Map Envelopes2/62
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  • UP Theme Onsie Birthday Invitations4/62
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  • Yellow and White Striped Backdrop for UP Living Room Scene14/62
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  • Pink and Blue Bottle Caps for Gender Reveal20/62
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  • Disney Pixar UP Theme House Birthday Cake38/62
  • photo 139/62
  • Disney Pixar UP Theme Birthday Cake40/62
  • Disney Pixar UP Theme Jello41/62
  • Cloud Sugar Cookies42/62
  • Balloon Macarons43/62
  • Cotton Candy Cookiewich44/62
  • Pistachio Marshmellows45/62
  • Root Beer Marshmellows46/62
  • IMG_126947/62
  • Fruit Skewers48/62
  • IMG_120349/62
  • Earth Cupcakes50/62
  • IMG_589151/62
  • IMG_126852/62
  • IMG_130253/62
  • Luggage Favors54/62
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We decided to do a Disney Pixar UP theme party for our daughter's 2nd birthday and a gender reveal baby shower!

Design Inspiration

We always knew that we wanted to do a gender neutral party.  We are huge Disney/Pixar fans, so we thought that the UP theme would be a perfect theme!

Project Details

Some of my favorite details are the living room backddrop (built by incredible and talented husband!), our gender reveal house cake, and our custom made invitations!  I drew, water-colored, hand cut, and assembled each of the invitations all by myself!  The gender reveal house cake was created by our incredibly talented friend!  My husband built the yellow backdrop for the living room scene and we rented all the props.  For food, we had brunch and we made some of it.  We also rented all the pretty plates, glassware and stands!

We also dressed up in costumes!  I dressed up as Russell, my husband dressed up as Carl and my daughter dressed up as Ellie!

Our house cake revealed that we are having a boy!

Vendor Credits:

Furniture rental: This 'n That Vintage Rentals
Plates, glassware, and stands: Verity Jane Rentals
Linens: Concepts Event Design
Desserts: our friend, Jill Borders of JB Sweets
Dessert labels: Hostess with The Mostess Ink

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