Pink Zebra Party

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I used a pink zebra theme for my daughter's Christening. The theme would be suitable for any type of girl's party - baby shower, birthday party and even bridal shower.

Design Inspiration

I searched forever for a party theme and I was inspired by a zebra napkin ring holder I found. 

Decorating Style

Simple and elegant. 

Project Details

I love printables - they really add to any event and are such a nice touch.  The designer that I used for this project was Posh Pixels Design Studio.   Most photos are by Michelle McFadden Photography

Favorite Items

I love the ribbon topiary centerpeices I made. 


Use the Zebra print in subtle ways so it doesn't overwhlem and take over. 


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    A beautiful party!  I particularly love the hanging balls.  Do you happen to have a link for instructions on how to create these?

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    Totally drooling over those cupcakes! And those little shoes on that fondant cake.  I’ve never really seen a pink zebra theme before, so I’d like to thank you for the inspiration.  Lovely lovely party!

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    I love your party and all the details. I am alsoplanning my baby’s baptism and plan on doing those pom poms. I love them! If you don’t mind me asking, where did you get the hat for your daughter? It’s arguable and I have been looking and haven’t had any luck. Thanks!

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