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Pink & Leopard for Ava Jaymes!

  • cath

    Wow! Most people don’t have nursery rooms this large, but it’s so lovely. I would kill to have a room this big for my child.

  • Rockabye Mommy

    We appreciate the compliment@disqus_v7nNNu0kji:disqus! Yes, it is a generous sized room for a nursery. The unusual shape allowed for the large bookcase to be inset and not crowd the room. Thank you for viewing our gallery!

  • PN_Melisa

    This room absolutely rocks! So glad you shared with us!!

  • PN_Sabrina

    ooo la la– very glam!

  • Michelle S

    where are those pillows from the crib from ?? love love love

  • Michelle S

    where is the bedding from ?

  • Rockabye Mommy

    Hi Michelle, we had the bedding custom made. The pink and leopard fabrics are both Kravet. Thanks for viewing the project! :)

  • Rockabye Mommy

    Thank you Melisa! It was definitely a fun project! :)

  • Michelle S

    thank you again for letting me know :)

  • Michelle S

    would love to have a blanket made, is there a way I can get one ordered?

  • Rockabye Mommy

    @google-404503dce4e2d59a43c181f993187625:disqus we can have one made for you. Please email us at to discuss further. :)

  • Aidan @Daydreamz

    Beautiful nursery. I am concerned about the bumpers the use of bumpers are linked to SIDS and suffocation risk. I hope they are only there for decoration and staging purposes.

  • ♥AJ my Love Crazy♥

    This bedroom is a dream!! It is beautiful!!

  • Rockabye Mommy

    Thanks for the love @twitter-21819826:disqus !

  • Chiara

    This room is absolutely beautiful! Wonderful job and of course it’s a perfect fit for the first Backstreet girl!

  • PawLiina Richardson Peña

    is sooo beautiful!!!

  • Jim

    This chick must have a macro for votes that has multiple ip addresses because this is not that great #sorrynotsorry

  • Rockabye Mommy

    Thank you!!@twitter-338143796:disqus

  • Rockabye Mommy

    Thank you!! @facebook-100000394917673:disqus

  • rockabye mommy

    @93e353b4f6228d1cc7fec9076e4fa4e1:disqus yea, we are not busy at all and are computer engineers on the side to figure out how to gain votes with multiples ip addresses on a children’s design resource website. #rude #whyevencomment

  • Joe Burke

    Yes. As in, Yes. Awesome.

  • Rockabye Mommy

    Thank you@twitter-21979318:disqus !

  • Ajswifey09

    I just love this style I love leopard print

  • Stephanie Everspaugh

    Absolutely stunning!!!! A room perfectly designed for Princess Ava!!

  • Nicky’s Naughty Ninja

    This room was like love from the first sight!!! Absolute favourite!!!

  • Rockabye Mommy

    Thanks for the wonderful compliment @facebook-1074482539:disqus !

  • Rockabye Mommy

    Thank you @0a750dad9c3039101969439e922f2249:disqus !!

  • Sanamy

    Elegant design ! What a beautiful room fit for a princess ! Love the chandelier and every detail !

  • Cindy.S

    Absolutely stunning!!

  • Rockabye Mommy

    Thank you @b8316188881d76672266dfca638af50b:disqus ! xo

  • Rockabye Mommy

    Thank you @32b7148f943ff9bb9fe92a45e75fa2a3:disqus !!

  • Kate

    You can see Rochelle and AJ’s personalities in this nursery! Rock on Momma!

  • Amanda

    Absolutely love that ottoman, where is it from?!

  • Rockabye Mommy

    Hi @disqus_akF4Ph01wE:disqus it’s from a trade source called Arteriors. Feel free to contact us if you would like purchasing info.

  • lili

    Beautiful where can i find a crown like that


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