A Pink and Brown Pony Birthday Party

  • Mason Jars Filled with Lemonade1/45
  • Pony Birthday Party Invitations2/45
  • 2013-05-19_00233/45
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  • Pony Metal Favor Buckets with Giant Lolipops5/45
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  • Pony Birthday Cake7/45
  • Pony Birthday Party Dessert Table8/45
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  • Lemonade Stand at this Pony Birthday Party10/45
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  • Personalized Metal Bucket Pony Centerpieces12/45
  • Pink and Brown Macaroons and Pony Sugar Cookies13/45
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  • Party_Theme_Party_Hoopla_Events_002021/45
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  • Pony_Theme_Party_Hoopla_Events_000223/45
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  • Pony_Theme_Party_Hoopla_Events_000525/45
  • Pink and Brown Pony Themed Cupcakes26/45
  • Personalized Letters Filled with Candy27/45
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  • Pony_Theme_Party_Hoopla_Events_001230/45
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  • Pony_Theme_Party_Hoopla_Events_001735/45
  • Pony Cake Pops36/45
  • Pony_Theme_Party_Hoopla_Events_002137/45
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Little Kennedy turned three in April and like many three-year old girls, she LOVES horses!  What better than a pony birthday party?  And Ponies were everywhere from the metal favor buckets with giant lollipops to the frothy pink cake to the almost too cute to eat cake pops.  There was even a pony themed bounce house for the kids to burn off some energy.  And what Pony party would be complete without Pony rides for all the guests.

The color palette of brown and pink was carried throughout the dessert buffet, favors, and custom burlap banners.  It was all brought together with adorable printables from The TomKat Studio.  A Lemonade Stand, custom made by Kennedy’s dad out of wood from her great-grandfather’s barn, kept guest well hydrated and veggies, breads and dips were served along with the sweet treats.

A custom-made silhouette of the birthday girl served as a special backdrop to the desserts and is a memorable keepsake for the family.  Hay bales served as seats for the little ones at long tables while adults enjoyed the shade of the tent.  Pink Tulips and white hydrangeas showcased the beautiful spring day.

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