Pink & Brown Cupcake Birthday

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Pink, red, and brown cupcake theme for first a little girls first birthday!

Design Inspiration

Our love of giant cupcakes from a local bakery and the colors brown and pink from our daughters nursery.

Decorating Style

Cupcake crazy! I made the sweets table the centerpiece and decorated around it. I wanted tons of cupcakes and lots of pictures of my little girl. And I'd say I went a little over the top! ;) I had everything decorated, even the bathroom has cupcake stickers on the mirror!

Project Details

Banner, cupcake toppers, and hanging decor all made by mom: Cupcakes from Just Baked: More photos can be seen on my blog:

Favorite Items

The toppers are super cute, they turned out WAY better than I expected, and I've since started making and selling them for others.


Don't be afraid to try to DIY, sometimes it will turn out better than you imagined!


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