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Elena’s Pink, Aqua and Gray Nursery

  • Belinda

    Very nice nursery! What font and letter size did you use for the name?

  • Shannon

    Thank you very much! For the aqua capital letters, the font is Helvetica Black and the size is 12″. The white cursive letters are in the Almibar font in 7″ size. I did not select the baseline option since this font automatically connects at the base of each letter. I ordered incorrectly for the inspirational words for her gallery wall and selected the baseline option and they came underlined. I hope this all makes sense and helps you out!

  • Belinda

    Thank you so much for the information. Greatly appreciated!

  • Lori

    Could you tell what thickness you chose on the letters? The nursery is adorable!

  • Kita

    very very lovely room… what size and font did you use for the inspirational words?

  • Shannon

    Thank you! The thickness for the letters of her name are 1inch thick and 12 inches tall. They turned out much heavier than I originally thought, but I used the 3M command strips and they are holding up perfect.

  • Shannon

    Thank you very much! The inspirational words are 4 inches tall and 1/8 inch thick. They are very thin and very light but still stand out. Hope this helps!

  • kita

    thanks sure does

  • Brittney

    Did you connect the cursive to the big letters yourself?

  • Sarah

    Did you also use the same thickness for the white cursive 7″ letters?

  • Shannon

    The white cursive letters are 1/4 inch thick and I attached them myself using double sided tape. :)

  • Shannon

    Yes, using double sided tape. It’s holding up well!

  • Sarah

    Thank you!!!


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