Peppa Pig Party

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My daughter has a great obsession with all things Peppa Pig. If you haven't seen the cartoon yet it's a must! A pig with a British accent?! Sign us up! I knew that she would love a "Peppa" Party.

Design Inspiration

Peppa Pig

Decorating Style

DIY extraordinaire! The more attention to detail the better.

Project Details

Tissue Paper: Soiree Supply

Globe balloons: amazon

Cookies: DIY here

Peppa Pig Garland: DIY

Naked Cake: DIY

Favor Bags: Bakers Bling Shop

Spoons: Piper Grace Supply Co.

Paper signs: Tambo Creations

Favorite Items

For doing the cookies myself (first time!) I would say those turned out better than I thought.


I always try to stay away from party stores that "sell a party in a box." When you do things yourself the party is much more special. Flowers are always a must and can bring your party to the next level. I try to refrain from using anything tacky/plastic/store bought. It's more work the but outcome is worth it!

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