Penguin Christmas Party

  • Brian Smith

    Awww !! That’s so cute …!! You could have added some snow sprays !! A total ‘penguinish’ environment !!

  • Adeline

    Very nice design. I love it :)

  • Andrea

    Such cute ideas. How did you do the sugar rim on the milk glasses? Is it chocolate?

  • Recreate

    Wow, looks awesome! I absolutely love the Christmas theme. Also, who doesn’t love penguins?

  • Paula

    I thought about snow sprays! The packing peanut “snow” the girls played in turned out to be enough to clean up. :)

    The sugar rim–I melted chocolate in one ramekin, and put sprinkles in another. I dipped the rim of the glass in chocolate, then into the sprinkles. Easy!

  • Ysczabel

    Gorgeous colors and gorgeous party details. Love all the papercraft work that came

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