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Pearcy’s Colorful Nursery

  • Leigh Anne

    Love love love! Amazing nursery!!

  • wallflowerartboutique

    what a great room very colorful and fun:)))

  • PN_Sabrina

    I absolutely love your bold color and pattern choices!

  • Robihawk

    Thank you

  • Jgorman

    Beautiful bright and bold colors and patterns! Great nursery!

  • HippySkippy

    I love the quilt rack idea for all the extra blankets. It is cute and functional! Great job on this room. :-)

  • Jan

    Beautiful! Pearcy is one lucky baby girl! Her nursery is so colorful, bright and cheery!
    It looks so well thought out….a perfect place for everything. The crib bedding is gorgeous! I love the fabric that you chose. I see that there is a standard size pillow in the crib in the same fabric. Are you going to use it on her bed when she is out of the crib? Oh…and the wall is fabulous! They did a GREAT job on all the art work in the nursery. LOVE IT!

  • Robihawk

    Thank you. Yes.. We plan to use all the pillows in her crib on her big bed some day. Her crib will convert to a full size bed.

  • betsyb

    Love, love , love this nursery!! The colors are fun, happy colors and the mural on the wall makes me smile just looking at the pic!! Marvelous and well thought out!!

  • Robihawk

    Thank you! I love the wall too. The ladies who painted it are super sweet and they just did an amazing job.

  • Desi

    I LOVE this nursery!!! Absolutely adorable!!! Great inspiration for my future little one!

  • Desi

    Robin, to make that beautiful colorful quilt did you just purchase michael miller’s ooh la la fabric collection and send it to someone on etsy to make you a quilt? Thank you :-)! I am obsessed with this room! You did such a great job!

  • Robihawk

    Thank you. A lady on etsy named Chez Martine made it. I told her all the fabrics I wanted and she ordered them. Her etsy shop is listed above. She is amazing and so nice to work with. She quilted both sides. One side is a rag quilt and the other is smooth. She also put a custom tag with Pearcy’s name on it. I HIGHLY recommend working with her.

  • potusmama

    Absolutely an amazingly gorgeous room. What a lucky little girl and blessed parents! Everything came together soooo well! Great images!

  • Tammy

    Robin little Pearcys room is amazing! Great inspiration and the colors are gorgeous! Such a sweet little girls room for your sweet Pearcy!

  • robihawk

    Thank you so much!

  • robihawk

    Thank you Tammy.

  • robihawk

    Thank you. I appreciate the kind words.

  • robihawk

    Thank you and good luck with your room.

  • robihawk

    Thank you.

  • robihawk

    Thank you

  • robihawk

    Thank you. I got the idea from another room on Project Nursery

  • Pamela Ramirez

    Love this it is so cute any kid would love this room. Ya’ll did such a great job

  • melissa greer

    WOW! Everything about this room is just GORGEOUS!!! I love all of the bold colors and patterns! All the fabrics and the mural are my absolute favorite! You did a fabulous job with all the details and embellishments of whimsy! You are inspiring me to add some more pizazz to my daughter’s room! :)

  • Robihawk

    Thank you :)

  • Mariel

    I have 2 Boston Terrier children and will welcome a little girl in March… I am doing the bright color thing too… I love the mural and fabric choices! Great job!

  • Leslie

    Do you know where I can get the exact bedding?


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