Par-Tee Time

  • Invitations1/21
  • Kids' favors2/21
  • Back of favor3/21
  • Kids' place setting4/21
  • Kids' tables5/21
  • Inside of scorecard6/21
  • "Scorecards" with personalized golf pencils7/21
  • Paper straws w/ golf ball toppers8/21
  • Dessert table backdrop9/21
  • Individual cakes10/21
  • Cupcake toppers11/21
  • Peanut Putter PARfaits12/21
  • Sandtraps13/21
  • Chip Shots14/21
  • Perfect little golfer15/21
  • Family fun16/21
  • Playtime17/21
  • More birthday fun18/21
  • Yum19/21
  • Golf tee cake stands with REAL grass20/21
  • A very happy birthday21/21


A joint birthday celebration for my two little golfers! I dreamed up a few special features to make it memorable since I knew it would be held on site at a local golf dome.  I wanted to put as much TLC into this party as I would with one at our home. 

Design Inspiration

This party theme was created solely by their AGES!  I couldn't think of a more perfect way to celebrate birthdays T(hr)EE & FORE than by golfing!  Any outdoor activity that would allow my sons to run and play would make them happy :)

Decorating Style

My decorating style is very clean, simple, and personal.  I love choosing a couple of colors that work well together to create one cohesive look.  I also love little touches such as photos of birthday boys' and memorable keepsakes, like the scorecards, to remind us that we are celebrating the boys.

Project Details

I worked with Katie @Kayden Ashley on Etsy for my custom printables last year and she did such a wonderful job that I contacted her once again this year!  She brought my vision of the scorecard, DVD label, and cupcake toppers to life!

The birthday boys' outfits (knickers and bowtie polo) provided by *golden*- you must check her out of facebook!  She's the best :)

I custom designed envelopes using

Photography provided by

Golf ball cakes and cookies favors by Jennie's Cakes

Everything else was DIY :)


Favorite Items

I have two favorite items from this party!  First, I love the scorecard.  It has such sentimental value and it will really become even more of a treasure as time goes on!  Next, I love the cake stands!  I love that the grass is real and I love that I created it myself!  I have not seen anything out there like so it's a great feeling knowing this it's one of a kind!

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    Cool and neat. I’m sure it’s great and fun — not to mention convenient, too! — to plan and organize a party for two kids. Hitting two birds with one stone.

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