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Baby Tag’s Nursery

  • Tasha Cune

    I think it’s cool that you didn’t stick to a particular theme and just went with things you love and are passionate about. A lot of really interesting accessories here, including that round mirror.

  • Guest

    What a beautiful rustic room! I love that it can grow with your son. I am all over the idea of the full wall curtain – genius!

  • Nikki @ theBasics

    Thanks so much! Yes, that window looked so tiny until I did the whole wall of curtains. So glad I decided to do that!

  • Nikki @ theBasics

    Thanks! I think it turned out pretty good even without a theme :). I got that mirror from Marshall’s for about $80…it was a great find!

  • Lulubean

    This is DIY done right! Really interesting choices on fabric and accessories. I particularly love the mix of artwork above the changer. The airplane mobile, wreath and quote on the crib wall are great too. Well done!

  • Daniëlle Hamer

    I found your blog on Pinterest and am so excited. Like you, I’m not a ‘theme-y’ person, and I am 6 months along with our first, a boy. My husband and I met and fell in love through walking our dogs, one of whom has passed, and this is a wonderful way to incorporate these important beings into our son’s life right from the start, I love it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Loxsen

    Do you know the name of the Amy Butler fabric you used on the lamp shade? I am obsessed with the deer head on it! Thanks!

  • Mallory Gates

    I just bought a sample of quietude but what finish did u go with? The samples only come in semi gloss but I usually do matte/flats. The color seems more baby blue
    On my wall

  • Nikki @ theBasics

    Thank you very much!

  • Nikki @ theBasics

    I’m glad you like it! Incorporating your dogs would be wonderful, and even more meaningful since it is how you met!

  • Nikki @ theBasics

    I always go with either eggshell or satin finish. They are not too shiny, but not so matte that dirt and fingerprints show a lot. It is definitely not baby blue on my wall…I def. did not want that! Different lighting can change paint colors slightly, but these are raw images so they show the tone in his room pretty close to the real thing.Also depending on what other colors I would decorate with, this paint can look more blue, grey, and teal-ish at different times. Hope this helps!

  • Nikki @ theBasics

    It’s actually by Joel Dewberry. I had made a mistake when I typed this entry and didn’t realize it until I saw this question…oops. It is from his Deer Valley collection, and is called, Antler Damask. It comes in a few colors. I could totally buy every color and put it all over my house bc I love it so much! ;)

  • Pancho’s Mom

    This is totally my inspiration for our first baby boy’s nursery! Our dogs were our first kids and recently we lost our main man to cancer (still greiving ;(
    So this is right up my alley. I’ve been trying to find the “definition of a boy” wall art but keep getting wall decals in my search. Did you make that or can you tell me where I could find it? Thanks so much!

  • Nikki@thebasics

    Ahhh! I cannot believe I am just seeing this! I am so glad I could inspire you…having our dogs in his room brought so much meaning to the artwork. I actually made the definition of a boy art and put the free printable on my blog, here: It can be framed or you can modge podge it onto a canvas like I did.

  • Pancho’s Mom

    Thanks for your reply. I finally found one on etsy. Probably from your blog ;) Waiting for my canvas of Panco to be ready at Costco to arrange my art on the wall. Hoping to get a real painting of him someday. But it’s all coming together and I couldn’t be happier! Thanks for your inspiration!

  • Lindsay

    I am absolutely in love with your nursery! It is by far the cutest boys room I’ve ever seen! This is definitely my inspiration and the dog portraits is such a great idea, I mean they’re our first “kids” after all. Well done!

  • Kim S

    Love your style! Expecting our second boy in March. My first sons room was vintage toys and cars. Wanting to keep a similar style but with variations for the new one. I am in search of a moose head like yours! They have one at ZGallerie but it seems small compared to yours. The one that I am finding on Ebay to paint is 24″ wide (antler spread) and about 20″ tall. Could you tell me the dimensions of yours?

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  • Nikki

    I have got to figure out how to get updates when someone comments haha…sorry I am so late replying! I’m sure you have found the moose head by now, but I believe the one we got is the 24″ wide moose. Again so sorry for the late reply.

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  • ally

    Hi there – Where did you get your ultrasound enlarged?

  • Nikki

    A friend actually gave that to me as a baby shower gift, but I am sure you can do it at most print places. I did have the image on a cd though so you may need that.

  • Alex Higbee

    you got so lucky with the dresser… im so jealous! im in love with it! i was trying to find where you got it, but you got it on craigslist…. have you seen anything like it since? or know how they got that finish? sorry, one other question, do you think a grey dresser would go with a white crib? is it okay for the furniture to have different colors/finishes? thank you!

  • Alex Higbee

    oh your crib is white! perfect! it works!

  • Elley C

    Love the room! Definitely my inspiration. I want to do the stripe glider also. Was looking at the pottery barn one but yours looks just as cute! What are your thoughts on your glider? I see it has good reviews on Walmart. Good quality and standing the test of time? Thank you!

  • Nikki

    Yes our crib is white and it went perfectly. Now, his toddler bed is close to a black rod-iron and it goes well with the dresser too. That’s what’s great about mixing and matching… I have seen some similar dresser styles on places like craigslist, but they would need to be painted.

  • Nikki

    Yes, we really do love our glider! I just posted my daughters nursery and the glider is now in there, 2 years later, and still going strong. I scotch guarded it before using it so any spills or spit up didn’t stain the light fabric. I did this rocker and glider round up on my blog where you can read my thoughts on our glider…

  • Jo

    Hi! I know you got the rug at TJ Maxx, but they carry different items daily. Is there any possible way you can tell me the brand of the rug? I really love it! Thanks!


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