Olivia’s Sweet Nursery

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Sweet owl theme!

Design Inspiration

I wanted something soft, delicate. I found Project Nursery and got a lot of ideas! I visited different nursery blogs and web pages too.

Project Details

I DIY pretty much everything! The owl paintings, I did myself using watercolor paint. I looked on second hand stores for cool frames, which my husband and I painted white. I did not wanted to spend a lot, and second hand stores were such a great option! I can not believe how many good things you find there. I got a few things from Etsy. Like the rag doll, the stuffed owl and that beautiful quilt blanket. I just loved them! I had so much fun, and I am very happy with the results of my baby's nursery!!!  

Favorite Items

My favorite item will be the crystal owl that I got from an antique store!


  1. 1

    Nice:) I like the colors you chose and the cute knick knacks you found to tie in the room. We’re due on the same day and I’m having a girl as well! Good luck =)

  2. 2
  3. 3

    Thanks Mrs. E! Funny we are due on the same day, and having a girl as well!
    Good luck to you too!!! ;)

  4. 4

    Thank you Sarah!
    A friend made the shelves for us, I wanted something specific so I decided to have them made!

  5. 5

    You are right about second-hand stores. They are a great source of many beautiful and fancy items. The key is just patience in looking for them. I love your owl paintings, by the way, and the overall look of the room.

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