{Olivia’s Sweet 1st Birthday!}

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A Project For

Olivia Kay Belle VanGieson




Lakewood, CO


My little Princess Olivia turned 1 on February 27, 2011 and we wanted to throw a party as spectacular as she has been this entire 1st year!

Design Inspiration

As I was planning this party in my head I pictured sweet little owls because she LOVES the ones in her nursery!  We found her sweet little grey dress with white polka dots and then found a beautiful material to go with our color sceme of pink, grey, white, black and green!

Decorating Style

Pretty and feminine with a touch of cute!

Project Details

I own a traveling tea room so as I was planning I knew I wanted to use some of the aspects of my dream!    Petite treats were #1 on my list of must have's!  We knew we wanted a banner for our sweet princess so the party theme was born....  Everything decoration and detail for this party was created by my husband and I with inspiration from the TomKat studio, hostess with the mostess and many more! The wreath was created from felt, a foam wreath and corsage pins - fun and super simple!  The party decorations were created and personalized by So Lovely Events on Etsy whic is launching 3/1/11 with this project!!!

Favorite Items

I can't say that I have just one favorite because this party was exactly what I had imagined BUT the felt wreath and personalized confetti were two of my absolute proudest creations!


Use your imagination, take your time, stay organized with a party journal and check out the amazing party planner sites for inspiration!


  1. 1

    would love the instructions on how to create that gorgeous felt wreath. 

  2. 2
    avatar solovelytearoom&events

    Pam – I am working on finding that link for the instructions & will let you know as soon as I get it – I will be doing my tags this evening but I will also be posting it to my blog as soon as I get it!  Come on over & visit! http://www.solovelytearoom.blogspot.com

  3. 3
    avatar solovelytearoom&events

    Pam – I tagged the photo with the intructions but you can also reach it via my fun new blog  http://www.solovelytearoom.blogspot.com


  4. 4

    My wife and I got a birthday package from So Lovely and it was AMAZING!!!  We were the talk of the town and our little angel felt like a Princess.  It was a great package and looked terrific.  Everything looked exquisite!  So Lovely will be taking care of all of our parties decorations from now on.


  5. 5

    That wreath sure is awesome. Olivia looked so adorable in that dress.  

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