Nursey Fun

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I wanted a bright and colorful room that would be lots of fun for my little one.

Design Inspiration


Decorating Style

I love finding deals and use what I had.  I gradually put it all together.  I like a bold fun modern look.

Project Details

Furniture- crib and changing table I found on for a steal

Chair left over from old roommate with fabric I had left from the Mummers

Framed a card I received from my shower

Lack shelves from Ikea

Wool rugs I got from where I was working

I spent $600 on furniture, rugs, curtains, and paint

Favorite Items

The poster that was always hanging in our bedroom everywhere we lived.  I thought it was perfect for the nursery. 


Have fun it is a kids room=== go bold!


  1. 1

    I love the color blocking that you did on the walls!! How did you get all of the squares to come out so perfectly?

  2. 2

    thanks—lots of tape/tape it out after base coat of white then paint white over edges of tape it seals edges then paint the colors

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