Nursery for Adelaide

  • Room Overall - Window Open1/11
  • Mobile2/11
  • Dresser-Mirror3/11
  • window corner4/11
  • Frames Overview5/11
  • Bookcase6/11
  • Bunting Closeup7/11
  • Bunting Overview8/11
  • Crib Bookcase corner9/11
  • Gutter Bookshelves10/11
  • Closet Doors11/11


A gender-neutral nursery for our little girl, due December 12. 2010!

Design Inspiration

I wanted a gender-neutral nursery, with just a touch of girly.  I'm not a fan of pink for girls and blue for boys, so going gray was perfect for us.  I like clean and classic furniture that will last through any room change, so the white pieces from IKEA were perfect (not to mention cheap!).

Decorating Style

Simple, clean, and functional.

Project Details

Gulliver Crib, IKEA

Koppang Dresser, IKEA

Paint color: Misty Moonstone from Glidden, tinted 25% lighter.

I handmade the mobile using dowel rods and tying ribbons to them, then attaching jingle bells.  A very inexpensive project that will be fun for Adelaide to look at and listen to when getting a diaper change!

To make the gutter bookshelves, read my instructions here on my blog, Our Little Lentil.

Favorite Items

I love the picture collage above the bookcase. It took a while to lay it out perfectly, but with patience, it turned out just right!

I also love the bookcase, because my husband and I built it from scratch.  Working together to create something for our little girl that will last throught the years is pretty special.


Do your research to find the best deals.  Use what you have, and DIY whatever you can!


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    Has Adelaide arrived yet?  Congratulations on both having Adelaide and getting this room together! I think that Adelaide would love this room!

  3. 3

    I think that having that bookshelf is sweet.  It’s nice and serves a lot of purpose in the room.  I love the IKEA stuff you have here too.

  4. 4

    I think that having that bookshelf is sweet.  It’s nice and serves a lot of purpose in the room.  I love the IKEA stuff you have here too.

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  6. 6

    Thank  you everyone!  As of Dec. 15, Adelaide has still not arrived!  We are waiting (and waiting) and hoping she’ll come soon!

    [Angel’s Breath] The rug is from IKEA.  It was only $20!  We love it very much, too!

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  8. 8

    Just to update: Adelaide was born December 22, 2010!  She is perfect and beautiful; we are so in love!

    [amelino] The dandelon decals were found at Target, but they were on clearance so I don’t know if they’re still available.

  9. 9

    Wow, congratulations! I’m sure she loved her nursery!  How was it like spending Christmas with her???

  10. 10

    @StarCoveter: I thought so. There really are cheap but really good finds at Ikea. I must go rug-shopping one of these days!

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