A Nod to Nautical Nursery

  • DIY IKEA Chair Turned Swivel Rocker1/24
  • IMG_41432/24
  • IMG_41403/24
  • IMG_41594/24
  • Whale Tapestry for Nautical Nursery5/24
  • IMG_37996/24
  • Nautical Rope Lamp and Clock Nursery Accents7/24
  • IMG_37958/24
  • Alphabet Knobs on Changing Table9/24
  • IMG_4065_210/24
  • IMG_406011/24
  • IMG_405612/24
  • IMG_391513/24
  • DIY Nursery Shelves Stained Gray14/24
  • IMG_390715/24
  • IMG_415716/24
  • IMG_415017/24
  • IMG_414918/24
  • IMG_414719/24
  • IMG_414120/24
  • IMG_413821/24
  • IMG_413722/24
  • Nautical Nursery23/24
  • IMG_413424/24

A Project For

Our Baby Boy


Due date: May 26




Our nursery has a little bit of a nautical touch with lots of neutral calming colors. It is a combination of DIY projects, garage sale finds, and store-bought items.

Design Inspiration

I was inspired by the whale tapestry we have hanging above the crib. It is a little rustic and vintage but also very neutral and calming. I wanted the nursery to feel the same way.

Decorating Style

Classic, simple, and neutral with a combination of old and new.

Project Details

For a source list and links to the DIY projects we did on this nursery, visit The Picket Fence Projects.

Favorite Items

The hanging bookshelves my husband made.


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    Where is the rug from?

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