Neverland Nursery

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  • Neverland Themed Nursery Shelf Accents5/43
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  • Fisherman's Net Filled with Plush Toys for Mermaid Lagoon21/43
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  • Wood Grained Wallpaper on the Ceiling25/43
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A Neverland Nursery that tells the story of a classic childhood novel.

Design Inspiration

The map of Neverland. We took different elements from the story; a wood grained wallpaper on the ceiling for the Lost Boys treehouse, a fisherman's net filled with plush toys for Mermaid Lagoon, and Captain Hook even makes an appearance on a garment rack.

Decorating Style

Our style took a stroll through Fantasyland, where everything is beautifully chaotic, but harmonious at the same time. We wanted a calming coziness to fly through the room, so we played around with different tones of beige and an airy blue with hints of Peter Pan green. We kept the furniture traditional and chose accessories that perfectly tied the adventure together.

Favorite Items

The large wooden alphabet block painted in green. We wanted to reference Peter Pan in a bold way without overshadowing the baby boy the room belong to. Pun intended.


Take a Disney favorite, use the unique details, and make it more adult-like. It gives you a more elegant room that the kids love and allows them the perfect space to {never} grow up in.


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    I’d love to hear how you made the framed quotes! I’m already working on my sons peter pan nursery, I can’t stand how cute these ideas are!!

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