Nautical Nursery in Gray, Navy and White

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  • The glider will go in the corner, however it is the master right now for the first few weeks with baby.

    The glider will go in the corner, however it is the master right now for the first few weeks with baby.

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When we found out our baby was a boy, I knew the nursery would be nautical. We used anchors on our wedding invitations, and I love the crisp, classic feel of white and navy. I also knew I loved the clean, bright look of white furniture in a nursery. We already had some nautical decor items in our guest room which I was able to move into the nursery, meaning we spent less on new accents. Finally, I wanted the nursery to have a more sophisticated vibe, and not feel too "babyish" or cartoony. Of course our budget wasn't going to allow furnishing the nursery from PBKids, but their style was definitely a big inspiration.

Lessons Learned designing our nursery:

  • An inspiration board is worth your time Taking the time to make and filter an inspiration board on pinterest allowed me to see what images I kept coming back to, and the similarities between them. I was able to define our nursery style and be more focused about what items to spend on to get a unified look.
  • Save big with used items Craigslist is a great source for nursery items. While resources I read discouraged buying a used crib, there are many other items available. We found our PBKids wall-mount book rack for a fraction of the cost new, and I have also seen gliders and bedding sets available.
  • Open a credit card and stack discounts If you are looking to purchase a larger furniture item, opening a credit card at Babies R Us is an amazing way to save money. We were able to add our glider to our registry, then open a credit card and receive both a registry completion discount and new credit card discount. Combined with gift cards received at showers, this made it possible for us to purchase our glider.
  • The Clearance section is your best friend  Confession- I am extremely indecisive. I could spend hours looking at the nautical decor at T J Maxx trying to decide what would work best and where. Second confession- I am all about a good deal. So, while I would like to say it was impeccable taste that helped me choose these items, the truth is that it was often about price. Just a few of the items I found on clearance - starfish artwork (no way would I pay $59.99!), blackout curtains, lantern, canvas boat artwork, navy and white oar, driftwood whale wall art, side table (It was originally golden yellow but a steal at $29.99 then I just spray painted it gray).

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