Nash’s Farm Nursery

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As soon as we found out we were expecting a boy, I knew he needed a farm-themed nursery! The challenge was to keep it from becoming too hokey...and/or something that would eventually give Nash a farm animal phobia :)

Design Inspiration

It was Max's nursery that inspired us to take the plunge and go navy! I'm so glad we did!

Decorating Style

Old and rustic with a hint of modern.

Favorite Items

Probably the heifer head.  It's the perfect mix of fun and, he'll be fun to dress up for holidays and special occasions throughout the year ;)


Find a few pieces that you absolutely love...then use them as inspiration while you piece together the rest of the space.  And have fun!


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    Cute nursery! Where did you get the wire basket that has the books? I’ve been looking everywhere of one. :)

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  3. 5

    Cute, Ive been looking for a wire bookshelf but havent found one. Where did you find yours?

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