Molly Mesnick Baby Shower

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A Project For

Molly Mesnick


A baby shower for Molly and Jason Mesnick (The Bachelor, Season 13)

Project Details

Colors: Green, Yellow, Grey, and white

Theme: Stripes and Elephants

Food: Brunch!

Decor: The "Animals are Born Free" decor from

Jenny Keller from Jenny Cookies ( & donated an entire dessert bar and the entire table matched the theme of the shower! She provided a cake, cupcakes, sugar cookies (elephants and giraffes) cake lollipops and other mini desserts.

The guests received a to-go box of Jenny Cookies, including the cake pops, cupcakes and cookies. Each guest also made their own candy bag to take home as a special treat.

For her ensemble, Molly picked this perfect Tibi dress (non-maternity, natch), on sale at Shop It To Me.


  1. 1

    What a beautiful party for such a lovely couple! The light green, yellow and grey combo is lovely and the details are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. We wish Molly and Jason all the best!

  2. 2

    Congrats! Your party looked really lovely. And the confections, mouthwatering!

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