Mila’s Purple/Gray Modern Glamour

  • Purple and Gray Modern Glamour 21/7
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  • Purple and Gray Modern Glamour 37/7

A Project For

Mila Christine


9 Months


New Jersey


This nursery was near and dear to me, since it was designed for my youngest daughter nine months ago.  This Purple/gray nursery has a vintage, chic feel with a few modern pieces and personalized DIY elements.

Design Inspiration

My inspiration began with small, stone angels that I purchased on a work trip years ago.  I found them in my attic while I was pregnant and knew that I wanted to use them in Mila's room.  The rest of the room and other angel items were purchased afterwards.

Decorating Style

I love anything chic and glamorous, with modern touches and livable appeal.

Project Details

Favorite Items

So hard to choose what my favorites are, since this project was so personal to me....... I'd have to say that my favorites are the angel wings above the dresser and the curtains. I also love he DIY projects that I created!


I always love to choose a color and work around a theme. If you're working with a theme, don't overdo it.  Choose a color that's somewhat soothing..... you'll be spending lots of time in the room with your little one.  Adding personalization can make the room feel more livable and intimate.  Also, don't be afraid to mix pieces and styles....  It adds character to any room!


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    I simply love the silver wings above the change table! Are they available to be purchased from somewhere?

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