Metallic First Birthday !

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This Metallic Birthday Party was really fun to design and style.  Once my client and I decided on a color scheme that consisted of Gold, silver, brown and white (all metallic) it was time for the creativity to begin.  Taking advantage of the winter and the holiday seasons, I incorporated a Hot Chocolate Bar instead of a dessert table.

Project Details

Guests where invited to help themselves to the hot milk, and to choose from either white or regular chocolate chips to make their chocolate. After that they could pick extra sweet treats to add to it
I used some of the ideas, labels and flags found at Hostess with the Mostess. I love every creation and featured creations found in this website.

Favorite Items

The birthday cake which was accompanied by a smaller replica.The Idea was to simulate the birthday Girl ( Small cake) with her family and friends celebrating ( Big Cake).


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    I found them at the dollar store. Dollarama to be more specific, but it’s in Toronto. You might find them in any other dollar store, they usually carry the same stuff.

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    I know ! although we were wondering if the points would pop them, but It didn’t happen : )

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