McKenzie’s Peachy Pumpkin Birthday Party

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Our backyard peach and grey pumpkin birthday party celebrating our little pumpkin turning two!

Design Inspiration

With our little one being an October Baby, we thought it would be fun to incorporate the fun fall season into our celebration. We chose to soften the tone of typical pumpkin themes, and went with a pastel peach and gray.

Decorating Style

I love neutrals (as you can tell in my little's nursery), so I wanted to keep the color palette soft with touches of fall harvest decor in keeping with the season.

Project Details

Invitations & Party Printables: Lily and Wes

Craft Paper Banner: Magnolia Lettering

Pastel Balloons: Sweet Creations

Custom Pumpkin Shaped Cookies (Party Favors): The Baked Equation

For more details, visit my full blog post on my blog


Favorite Items

I have to say my favorite item was the custom made pumpkin shaped cookies. They were a true work of art and Owner/Baker Melissa was wonderful to work with. The Party Printables were equally as exciting to work on with Kayla from Lily and Wes.


Parties can get pretty expensive if you wait until the last minute. Don't feel strange or weird about starting your party planning early (no one has to know) as you are more likely to catch great deals along the way. Starting your party planning months ahead (I started this one a year prior) can also relieve the stress of making sure all the details are secure! Lastly, HAVE FUN!!


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