Marielle’s Dreamy Coral and Floral Nursery

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My husband and I have waited and prayed for our little angel girl for some time. During our pregnancy, we searched for a new home and found one perfect for us to begin a family. The room for the nursery was chosen for it's spaciousness and natural light. We wanted to create a dreamy, girly, peaceful room full of florals, coral hues, and gold accents. With the help of my parents, we created the oasis we wanted for our little angel. It was a true labor of love and worth every second. Now our little girl has arrived bringing us so much joy, and we hope her nursery brings her sweet dreams every day!


*Please note that all but 2 of these photos were taken with my iPhone. Two of the photos are from a professional shoot with Beth Adilly Photography and are marked as such.


  1. 1

    I absolutely love this nursery. And especially the floral mobile. Could I ask where you found the perfect color flowers?

  2. 2

    This mobile was gifted to me by my aunt and a family friend. I will inquire about where they found the flowers! Thanks!

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