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Madelyn’s Nursery

  • avalon

    Love the colors you used. They’re very cool and fresh to the eyes, and very soothing too. And that bedding is a keeper!

  • Jennifer {Polka Dot Peacock}

    Beautiful room! I think that we have the same caged-birdies (one of the last pictures) in our girls’ room! My great-grandmother (who passed away when I was 20 and she was 96!) had a singing caged-bird that I so loved all through my childhood. I found a pretty good replica (I think the same one as shown here) and gave them to my girls for Christmas one year!! So love it!!

  • 12andcounting

    I love the soft greens, the soft blues and the soft yellows in your entire color scheme. The rooms feels so light and positive.

  • smashley

    I love the bedding!

  • bluebirdkisses

    I love the green and yellow, its so pretty! lovely job mamma

  • lockerbuddyBrandi


  • Elizabeth

    I’m kind of obsessed with that little rocking (sheep?)! Where is that from?

  • Abby

    Incredible Elizabeth! Very very blissful. I love the curtains, all the colors and want to fall asleep sitting in that rocking chair! The natural light is absolutely perfect. You and Jason are going to b amazing parents! It will let me “like” this, but am I supposed to click vote somewhere?

  • Ami

    Looks awesome Liz!! She is going to love it!! Great job!

  • kurly

    such a cute and calming room. i really like it.

  • mamakitty

    Yes, yes, and yes. So inspiring.

  • Elizabeth

    The rocking sheep came from Target!




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