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Luke’s Vintage Truck Nursery

  • Brandee Gonsalves

    Where did you get the ABC framed artwork from and the mirror circles? The room is super cute. Love the colors =) great job!

  • Sara

    Where did you get the striped fabric on the curtains?

  • Hollyjwsmall

    I love the alphabet collage and all the pictures in the room. Great Job!!

  • Starlight Juliet

    Where did you get the idea for the stripes? It’s brilliant! Great job.

  • The Unglamorous Mommy

    Brandee Gonsalves,

    Thank you!! The alphabet wall was a DIY project. I ordered unfinished wooden letters in different sizes and fonts. I painted to match the room and mounted on a piece of wainscoating that we framed out. The mirrors are from Hobby Lobby. They are the mirror plates that you use to put candles out on a table. We attached them to the wall with a ton of Command strips.

  • The Unglamorous Mommy


    The striped fabric on the curtains is actually ribbon. I added some white fabric to the dot panel to give it length. I then found ribbon in different widths and colors that matched and randomly glued them in rows to the fabric. The same treatment was done to the lamp shade, a pillow, and the diaper caddy.

  • The Unglamorous Mommy

    Starlight Juliet,

    The stripe/boxes for the wall just kind of came to me. My husband had no idea what he was in for! :) The stripes on the curtains, lamp, pillow, and diaper caddy were DIY with ribbon. I wanted to mix up patterns in the room while keeping with the same set of colors.

  • The Unglamorous Mommy

    Thanks everyone!!! We are so proud of our little man’s room!!

  • Megan

    Do you have a link for where you purchased the unfinished cubes?


  • Aubrey


    Agreed! What a great idea!

  • Brandee gonsalves

    The Unglamorous Mommy,

    Thank you for getting back to me:) do you have the links for where you purchased the wooden unfinished cubes and letters from?

  • Ysczabel

    Love that collection of signages or logos by the door.It gives a vintage touch to a modern-looking room. I also like those circle mirrors.

  • mely.madden

    Hi, I love your room and it gave me ideas for my son’s playroom. Where did you get the vintage signage?

  • The Unglamorous Mommy


    I got the signs from and the mirrors are candle holders that you put on tables. I fastened them to the wall using Command strips.

  • Marissa

    Where did you get the mirrors above the changing area?

  • rachel

    Are the photos from a photographer out of Hood River Oregon?

  • Samantha

    I’ve seen the dot print bedding at target. Did you use the sheets for the curtains?

  • Sharayah

    Where did you find the cubes for the bench/bookcases? I would love to do something like that in my son’s room!

  • mizznawti22

    Beautiful and very creative!

  • heidie22

    How did you attach the mirrors and the wood letters to the wall?

  • http://n/a Tiffany Deanda

    Do you mind if I ask where you found the abc artwork? I absolutely love it!!


  • Mandy

    I was wondering if you found the polka dot material online or in a Target store? Please let me know. Thanks

  • Lindsay

    Hi, love the alphabet. Do you mind telling me where you purchased the letters from?

  • Julie

    Hi! I love the alphabet wall & would love to give this a try for our playroom. Where did you buy the letters in various sizes & fonts? Thanks!

  • Karen

    Love this nursery!!! In addition to wondering where you got the alphabet letters (which I see others have asked as well), I’m also curious to know where you got the woven baskets in those colors. Thanks!

  • Marian

    Where did you get the pillow?? I have the matching crib set but cant find the pillow anywhere!?

  • Rebecca

    I love the bookshelves! I read that you pieced them together, where did you get the pieces? Thanks!

  • Lindsey

    Love this room! I like rooms thatbdo not scream baby! I like grown up baby rooms if you will.
    Great job on pacifying hubby on the truck theme while not loading the room with trucks.
    Your son will grow up to love his room!

  • HickGirl

    Can you tell me where you bought the letters??? I love the different sizes and fonts!

    The Unglamorous Mommy,

  • Katie

    Love this idea! I was wondering where you got the bookcases/cubes from?

  • Ashley

    I love the bookshelves and bench. Where did you find he cubes to piece together?

  • Lindsey

    Your room looks awesome. I was wonder what website you found your storage shelves?

  • Amy

    I see that you posted this a while ago, but I would *love* to know the names of the paint colors that you used. They are exactly what I am looking for to use in my son’s room.

  • Jayme

    I have purchased the same fabric for your curtains as the bedding for my son from Target. I couldn’t find any curtains to match though and love yours. Did you find the bottom half at target? I coudn’t find them?

  • Beth P

    Absolutely love the room! Can you provide a link to the wood cubes/bookcase you used? Thanks

  • Karen D

    I think this may be the question of the day about the storage cubes and bench. where oh where did you find them

  • cie

    I love your whole nursery! Where did you find the lamp? I know you made the shade, the lamp is adorable and I am looking for something similar! :) Great job with everything!

  • Bree

    Karen is right, that IS the question of the day! I thought I saw a DIY on this photo for the cubbies but now cant find it! So please tell us, where did you get your cubbies? I want to be sure to get something sturdy enough:)

  • Nikki

    Very cute room! I did the same thing using bookshelves as a bench! As for the others wanting to know what kind, I used these Hope this helps!

  • Bree

    Thanks Nikki! Wondering if you are able to paint it since it’s particle board? (I’m thinking not) and are you able to use the middle as a bench–is it heavy duty enough? Thanks! :)

  • Jennifer Powers

    Loving this wall color, as well! Do you mind sharing the colors? Thank you!

  • Sandi

    Would love to know where you got the bookshelves. I would love to do this in my daughters room in front of the window.

  • Kari

    Where did u get the vintage toy trucks? Like the one on side table and 2 on bookshelf?

  • Alexa

    I would love to know the website to order the unfinished cubes used to make the book case.

  • Rebecca

    I know there are a lot of questions already on here, but I had to add my own just so I can be on the “notify when there is a comment” list! :) I would also love to know which website you used to order the cubes for the bookshelf? Great job decorating! Love everything about it!

  • Rasa

    wow looks sooo good I love it!!! creative people are amazing I love how you mention in the comments above that it “just came to you” I wish I could do stuff like that! I am also curious where you got the shelves from!!!

  • Lori Wyatt

    I know Target sell the cubes as well if that helps anyone, since that question hasn’t been answered yet. It is a fabulous idea & looks WONDERFUL!!!!!!!

  • Lori Wyatt

    And I think they already come in different colors :)

  • Tiffany

    Lowes also has the bookshelves. I have one that is unfinished, and looks like I should go back and buy 2 more now :)

  • Brady

    I found a place to get unfinished wooden storage that looks similar:,0

    Looks like it’ll cost about $304 to get the same configuration as they have in this nursery – 2 – 4-section cubes (2 x $90), 2 – 1-section cubes (2 x $27) and 1 – 3-section cube (1 x $70)

  • Danielle

    Hi I love your nursery! I’d love to get similar cubes for a bookcase. Would you mind sharing with me where to purchase them? Thanks so much!

  • Jamie

    Where did you get the curtains – they are a great combination. Love the room and you look so ready and all set.

  • Kelsey

    Where did you get the bookcases from? Thank you

  • Autumn

    I love the room. You did an amazing job! I have been wanting to do a bookcase just like this. I feel like you created the room I have been planning and pictured in my mind. I was so excited to see your pictures. I know you said the fabric was from target and I’ve seen some of the bedding in this pattern but was wondering if you used a sheet for your fabric or how you did it….? Also wanted to know if you could share where you purchased the wooden cubes to create your bookcase. Again, I adore your work and would love to hear back soon. Thank you!

  • Momx2

    Hi I love your nursery! I’d love to get similar cubes for a bookcase. Would you mind sharing with me where to purchase them? Thanks so much!

  • Jo Anna

    Hi, I’m in love with these fabrics! Especially the striped one!! Please please post names & possibly links to purchase them! Thanks!

  • Jo Anna

    Nevermind, just saw that it is ribbon! Such a great job you did!! I knew it was too good to be true, I have been searching for a fabric with all these colors forever!

  • Tom

    Absolutely awesome! Please post where you got the bookshelves so we can make similar..

    Thank you.

  • Michael

    Where did you get the unfinished wooden cubes?

  • Tristan

    Where did the striped fabric and lamp shade come from??

    I am using these colors for my sons toddler room. the same dotted bedding mixed with an airplane theme! but i’m love to find the striped fabric too. HELP!

  • Jamie

    Just wonderng where you got the bookshelves and fabric. So cute…very talented!

  • Jae

    Where did you get bookshelf? If you made them please tell me how!

  • Bev

    I found unfinished wood storage cubes that look similar to this at under storage cube.

  • Allison C.

    Hi, I’m wondering how you made the cushion for the bookcase? I would love to make something like that for my little girls room! thanks!

  • Jaclyn

    Hi! I love all the great details in your room! I think I love the abc sign the best! Did you make it yourself or purchase? If so how, or where?! What a great clean modern look for your new little one!

  • Nicole

    awesome nursery and great idea for the bookshelf that can be used anywhere not just a nursery. We are also expecting and our little guy will be named Luke as well, still trying to think of a middle name. Blessings and well wishes to you and your bundle of joy when he arrives.

  • Alicia

    So very cute! Where did you get the ABC picture? I would love to have one for my toddlers room. Thsnks

  • Beth

    I love the alphabet! Did you do that yourself? If so where did you find the different letters?

  • Tgt

    Love the alphabet pic. Need info. where to purchase please!

  • Elizabeth

    Hi I love your nursery! I’d love to get similar cubes for a bookcase in my son’s nautical room. Would you mind sharing with me where to purchase them? Thanks so much!

  • Stephanie


    Not sure if these are the exact cubes, but I think this is what I’m going to use.,0

  • Katiedanihel

    What site did you find the unpainted cubes for the book cases?

  • Timpson77
  • Kmjm6306

    what website did you find the unfinished boxes on?

  • Kmjm6306

    sorry i see someone already asked that…oops! nevermind! :)

  • Schrotenboers

    Could you tell me what paint colors you used?

  • Salliekatew

    Did you build the cubes for the bookcases? I am looking for something already made that I just have to paint–

  • Diana

    Love the blue paint color- please post the brand/name of it…and great job!

  • Alena

    Love the idea for the bookcase/bench. Where did you purchase them from?

  • Jolenec

    FYI- it looks like she used bookcases instead of cubes. you can get them cheap at IKEA and just paint them and stack. just a suggestion. the seat cushion tutorial can be found on interest. you use plywood, foam and wrap fabric around and staple. i love the room- wish i had the space to make the book cases.

  • Ashley

    Where did you get the ABC sign?

  • Ashley

    Where did you find the ABC sign?

  • Kayla

    Do you mind telling me where you got the book selves?

  • Dona Koster

    My daughter and I just found your pics of the nursery you designed! It is beautiful…can you tell us where in Target you found the fabric? Was it sheets? I didn’t know Target handled fabric! Thank you. Dona Koster

  • Aja Mann

    Is there anyway you can tell me the colors that you used in the room?

  • natalie

    how did you do the abc picture? love it!!!

  • Jessica

    has anyone got an info back on where to purchase the abc picture??

  • Amy McGlothlin

    I hope you don’t mind I am linking your site in my blog :) I used your bookcase as inspiration for my playroom.

  • jenniferb428

    Where were the cube purchased from?

  • Teresa Impson
  • Teresa Impson

    As list above under Project Details: The dot print fabric is from Target.

  • Krista

    Hi, I love the bookcase Idea! Could you please tell me where and how you built it!?!!

  • Jjohnson

    Where did u find the bookcases to piece together?

  • Amanda Jones

    where did you get the book cases, im trying something similar but cant find the right book cases……

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  • Rachel

    Where did you order the alphabet letters from?

  • JannaM

    Where did you find the wall decals of the old signs?? I love them!

  • Sheli Wages McClellan

    You got your bookcases from Ikea? Have they been discontinued or am I not looking for them well enough?

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