Lucas’ Barnday !

  • farm 11/21
  • farm 22/21
  • farm 33/21
  • farm 54/21
  • farm 95/21
  • farm 106/21
  • farm 117/21
  • farm 128/21
  • farm 149/21
  • farm 1610/21
  • farm 2111/21
  • farm612/21
  • farm713/21
  • farm1514/21
  • farm1715/21
  • farm1916/21
  • farm2217/21
  • IMG_430218/21
  • IMG_431919/21
  • IMG_433220/21
  • IMG_436321/21


To Celebrate Lucas' second birthday, his mom picked a farm theme. Based on this beautiful idea, I created and changed the whole environment at their home, to make it feel like a farm. We set up different stations in their backyard, where the children could experience a day in a farmers life, from picking eggs and fruits, to gardening and even getting a wheelbarrow ride. The main idea for this party was to celebrate as well as teach their guests, all about the life at a farm.

Design Inspiration

Red Barn, Wooden crates and wood peaces.

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    Lovely, lovely theme! It’s cool that you also prepared farm games and activities at the backyard!

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