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Little Monster 1st Birthday Party

  • misspatty

    really??? your first time using a sewing machine? that’s amazing! so i guess it’s not yet too late for me to learn how to use it, huh?

  • amygriffin

    Yes ma’am! It’s a lot easier than it looks…which, luckily with monsters, they didn’t have to be perfect!! But trust me…there was more than enough hot glue used! :)

  • Tasha Cune

    Wow, not bad sewing job for a first timer! You really did an awesome job with this!

  • Breanna Ingram

    Where did you get the burlap monster and the goodie bags!!! you did such a wonderful good!!!!!! so cute!

  • Adartse

    Hello I also want to know about this. Thank you for sharing your ideas I absolutely love everything

  • Adartse

    For the mold a monster did u make the play doh? And the labels on the water bottles how did you make them? Thank you in advance

  • Kelly

    LOVING the thumbprint tree.. how exactly did you set that up?? That is just such a wonderful idea to capture everyone that came to the party!!

  • KateM

    How did you make the “pin the eye on the monster” and the monster photo board ??

  • Shavanah Whittaker

    Hi! I was wondering if you could tell me what kind of paint you used for the thumbprint platter. Did you use paint to make the strings?

  • amygriffin

    I did make the play doh (Pinterest is an awesome resource for recipes!). I just created the labels in Microsoft Publisher and printed them from home on sticker paper!

  • amygriffin

    Thanks! I actually made both the burlap monster and favor bags! :)

  • amygriffin

    Thanks!! I bought the ceramic platter from a local paint-your-own pottery shop. She gave me some special paint to use and just went from there! I painted the monster and “balloon strings” after everyone did their thumbprint.

  • amygriffin

    I made the “pin the eye on the monster” in Microsoft Publisher and just printed at as a poster (I saved the file as a photo). The big monsters and photo prop I made from insulation foam board – I found an 8×4 ft sheet at a local hardware store for less than $10!! It was so easy to paint and cut out with a box cutter! :)

  • amygriffin

    I used special ceramic paint from the same place I bought the platter. After it was painted, I took it back to her and she glazed/fired it!

  • Dalesia Almendarez

    The month by month banner is just precious! How did you make it?

  • Noahsmama

    would you be willing to sell your image for the pin the eye on the monster? If so i’m interested =)

  • Noahsmama

    Also where did you purchase those frames were you placed the invite in

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