Little Mister Birthday Party

  • Mustache Themed Birthday Party1/46
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  • Mustache Birthday Party Cake3/46
  • Mustache Birthday Party Invitation4/46
  • Mustache Themed Cupcake Toppers5/46
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  • Wet Your Whisle’ with Some Cola and a Chocolate Mustache10/46
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  • Mustache Cake Pops12/46
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  • Mustache Chocolate Covered Oreos14/46
  • Mustache Themed Photobooth15/46
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I heart Mustaches! That said, this Little Mister Birthday Party was so much fun to plan and style. A very adorable theme that amused the adults as much as the kiddos!


The bold graphic of the black and white stripe set the tone for this manly sweets table. I baked and decorated the petal cake that had surprise colors inside! I used the printable mustache and birthday banner to complete the cake decoration.

Mustaches made their way onto each treat making them both humorous and sweet! Guests were invited to ‘wet your whisle’ with some cola and enjoy a chocolate mustache that doubled as a photo prop.


The photo booth was purchased at IKEA and was just the perfect size for our little guests! They really enjoyed taking pictures with the photo props and spent the whole afternoon doing what they do best, being silly!


– Styling & Photography: Tania’s Design Studio
– Printables: Tania’s Design Studio
– Cake Pops and Chocolate Covered Oreos: Carmen’s Sweet Creations

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