Little Miss Butterfly in Tie Dye a 1st Birthday Party

  • Dessert Table Pom Detail1/25
  • Entry Frame Detail 12/25
  • Food Table 13/25
  • Food Table 24/25
  • Food Table 35/25
  • Napkin Ring Detail6/25
  • Favor Detail 17/25
  • Food Table Cups and Water Detail8/25
  • Water Bottle Label Detail9/25
  • Desset Table Label Detail10/25
  • Noah and Cake Pop! I got it!11/25
  • Noah Playing with her sign12/25
  • Pom with Bling Detail 213/25
  • Short Pom Tree 114/25
  • Tall Pom Tree 115/25
  • Dessert Table Pom Detail 216/25
  • Dessert Table Detail 317/25
  • Dessert Table Detail 118/25
  • Dessert Table Gummies19/25
  • Dessert Table Pom Detail 320/25
  • Dessert Table Pom Detail 121/25
  • Dessert Table Detail 222/25
  • Dessert Table Detail 123/25
  • Dessert Table Cake Pop Detail24/25
  • Dessert Table Cake Detail25/25


This was a 1st Birthday Party for my EXTRAORDINARY little girl Noah-Danielle! She has been such a joy to my husband and eye, that we decided to throw this little bash befitting of our butterfly princess! There was tons of good eats and good friends and family!

Design Inspiration

My Daughter

Decorating Style

Details, Outside the Box, Bright and Bold Colors

Project Details

I crafted most of the elements for this party.   I had my mom-in-law sew my custom tie-dye runners.  I also created the back drop for the dessert table.  All of the fool labels and signage were created by me as well.  This blog post lists ALL the WONDERFUL people that helped make this party a success! 

Vendors and Credits
Kandy Kones™ - Celebration today...The superchick way!
Bedazzled Bon Bons - Bedazzled Bons Bons
Cake Pops - Dreamin N Details Designs
Birthday Cake - The Flour Pot Bakery
Cupcakes - Abbe from Publix
Paper Butterflies - Paperpyro
Tutu Headband - Titi'sTutus
EVERYTHING ELSE!!! - Luxe. Event Design, LLC

Favorite Items

The Large Pom Topiaries and the "BLINGED" out topiaries, oh and the embellished baroque picture frame!


Starting early.  I did the crafting for this party over several weeks as not to feel overwhelmed.  So that how much I LOVED doing it would really shine through!


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    Everything looks so yummy and colorful! Your photos were such a treat to look at. I’m sure your little butterfly and her young guests had a wonderful time at the party.

  2. 2

    Avalon! Thank you so much! We AL Lhad a great time!!! We even played Michael Jackson Experience on the Wii!!!

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