Little Bake Shop

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We wanted to let the girls play "Bake Sale" so we bought only STORE made treats only- and just dressed them all up they had a blast!

Design Inspiration

Bake Sale!

Decorating Style

I like a mismatch of things. I plan things out to the last detail, but I somehow ALWAYS change the game plan minutes before I start the setup!


Project Details


We used simple, easy to buy and inexpensive desserts that kids truly like. Oreos, donuts, marshmellows, chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies and a few other things that were pre-made. Overall it cost $24 for all of the treats and the chocolate milk. We used an old baby changing table for the display table that I found at the REStore (habitat for humanity) just cleaned it up and it was the perfect display!


I made the decorations, and enlisted a few of my favorite vendors to help with some fun outfits for the girls to play in. I am crafty, but I cannot turn on a sewing machine.




Party Design/Styling - Amber Lyden of Party On! Designs


Assembled Party Decore - including cookie treat bags, tissue poms, cupcake toppers, milk bottle wraps, straws, flags, banners, signage  -


Beautiful Tutus by Spoiled Sweet -


Custom Headbands by Birdie Baby Boutique


Custom Pink Milk & COokies shirt by Sweet Threads Clothing


Photography by Hayley Burton


Favorite Items

I would have to say that my favorite single item is the cookie bags. I loved how they turned a store bought chocolate cookie into a "gift"



Spend the $5-$10 on some printable items, or clear bags and ribbon to dress up some simple cookies! When you are in a pinch, or are celebrating with tons of guests, it's much more cost effective to spend a few dollars on a "food makeover" than it is to specially order treats and ship them!



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