Lime and Aqua Green Gender Neutral Nursery

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This bedroom was designed thinking about the future. The choice of colors such as lime and aqua green show we can use different colors and still having a baby look. This room will grow up with him quite easily and it is also gender neutral.

Design Inspiration

The inspiration for the project came from the hot air ballon fabric. The collection is quite amazing, with different fabrics in several tones of blue, green and lime. Everything started from here.

Decorating Style

The design is contemporary with a nordic influence.

Project Details

Bed and chest of drawers - IKEA

Knobs and frames - Loja do gato preto

Crib and changing table - Toys 'r us

Pillows, lamps, curtains and crib bedding - Perfect Home

Carpet - Lorena Canals at Perfect Home

Lucas letters - Baby Tales the balloons were a DIY project

Poster 'Dream High'- Caricatu

Airplanes Mobile - DIY project using a philips ceiling lamp

Wallpaper - EstaHome at Perfect Home


Favorite Items

The way the room looks as a whole is what I love the most, but there are some details that make it special, such as, the DIY balloons with the name, and the airplane mobile.


My advice would be to start with something you really love such as fabric or wallpaper, and start everything from there. Some DIY items make it special.

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