Leonardo’s Woodland 1st Birthday Party

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Woodland creature/Indian first birthday

Design Inspiration

I took forever to find a theme for his first birthday, but one thing led to another and the woodland/indian theme came to life. I took pictures of him with a tee pee prior to the birthday so I could use the pictures on a banner at his birthday.

Decorating Style

Woodland creatures and Indian accents.

Details. It's all about the details for me.

Project Details

I bought his entire birthday outfit from Etsy. Along with the huge black and white indian head dress. His birthday invitations and cut outs I used for the cake table and gift bags all came from Etsy as well. Oh and the masks and pin the tail on the fox is from Etsy. I spent a lot of time at the craft store and got most of my supplies from there. For the little tee pees I bought the sticks at Home Depot and the fabrics were from the Salvation Army Thrift Store.

I rented little bunnies and a balloon man for the day.

Favorite Items

Hands down the cake. I thought about making the cake myself, but I didn't want to overwhelm myself because I was doing so much with the party. So I had it made by Ashley at the YoLo FroYo, Gelato, and Cake Bakery in Memphis off Cooper. She did a wonderful job doing exactly what I wanted. I made the tee pee cake topper, tree and the cut out of Leon. I bought the rest of the plastic animals from the craft store.

The fox pinata I had to make because I couldn't find one the right theme.

The 36 inch balloons I bought and stuffed with feathers where also a favorite.


Look at other ideas from websites like Project Nursery, Etsy and Pintrest. I also used a notepad to write down Ideas for the decor.

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