Lennox’s Indian Themed 1st Birthday Party

  • Chalkboard Stats Mantle1/36
  • 1st Birthday Chalkboard Stats2/36
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  • 1st Year Monthly Pictures Clothespin Display5/36
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  • Indian Themed 1st Birthday Party Invitations14/36
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  • Indian Themed Birthday Cake with Gold Arrows16/36
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First birthday with a airy white indian theme. This party included tons of white, gold, and mint. Also contained arrows, feathers, chalkboards, pinata, and teepee.

Design Inspiration

Inspirations for this party was a light airy feel and the platinum gold Freshly picked moccasins

Decorating Style

Vintage, Indian and Feathers

Project Details

The garland is cardstock triangles paper that i sewed and hung around. The chalkboards are all hand drawn. Favors for the kids included notebooks made of cardstock that i sewed and stamped with personalized stamp. Reused stamp for muslin bags for candy bar. Pinata was handmade with cardboard and tissue paper. I also made the invites with word and sewed a banner on each one.

Favorite Items

My favorite items were the chalkboard mantle, the name above the doors and the feather mobile.


Start early so you're not panicking towards the end. I started months in advance just doing random items whenever i had a free night or two. Don't go overboard. I had tons more items that i never finished and it never made it to the party. Everything at the party was handmade and DIY by me.

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