Kitschy Camper Trailer Birthday Party

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On Saturday we celebrated Samantha's first birthday! I decided on a kitschy camper trailer theme because it just so adventurous and fun-loving, which reminds me a lot of Sammie's personality. She is an extremely adventurous, curious and happy baby. I cant thank my dad (best dad ever) enough for turning my idea of a mini camper trailer prop into an actual camper trailer playhouse, it is the coolest playhouse ever, and the kids, especially Samantha loved it! I also need to thank Veronica Luna of Luna Cakes for the amazing camper cake and cookies, she never fails to amaze me.

Design Inspiration

Kitschy camper trailer living. Retro camper trailers.

Decorating Style

Retro and colorful!

Project Details

Cake and Cookies by Luna Cakes in Los Angeles on Instagram!

Favorite Items

The amazing camper trailer, because my dad built it for Sammie and Julian.


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    This is amazing you dad is the best! Would he be willing to share the details for the trailer so I can ask my father in law to build one..

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