Kennedy’s Vintage Circus 2nd Birthday Party

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A Project For







I decided on throwing Kennedy a Vintage Circus 2nd Birthday Party because I know how much she loves to be outside and how much she loves clowns so I thought it would be very fitting.

Design Inspiration

The movie water for the Elephants was my main inspiration, I loved the look of the 1930s circuses the costumes the decor. Her Ringmaster costume was also my inspiration. I made all her outfits.

Decorating Style

Vintage with a little modern

Project Details

I made the food stands out of pallets, the sign stand, all the bunting banners, the elephant banners, and I made the confetti banners from paint samples. I made the costumes, the game set ups. I purchased the packaging for the food such as: fries, peanuts, popcorn, pickles, corn dogs  and hamburgers all off of Etsy. Cotton candy bags, Gumball machine 36" balloons and popcorn machine all came from Amazon. The invitations and labels and paper banners came from the shop little mountaintop off of Etsy. I did alot of goodwill and antique shopping. I used a lot of the baskets and fabric I already had laying around.

Favorite Items

My favorite item would have to be Her Ringmaster/trapeze outfit I made. The popcorn cupcakes and caramel apples I made and the food stands all set up.


If you have the time. Make a lot of the stuff or shop around for great deals. I made most of the stuff and it was my own personal touch for her party. I hope you enjoy Kennedy's Vintage Circus.


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    WOW excellent job Mom!!! I’m a DIY crafter and I sew, but wow! This would be a tall order even for me and I’m obsessive. Very impressive!

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    Hi how much would you xhargr me to make me an outfit like this for my 5 yr old daughter

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    I am appalled that ‘blacking up’ is still seen as socially acceptable in the States. It is depressing to see how little progress has been made towards an accepting and integrated society. In the UK this would be seen as wholly inappropriate and unacceptable.

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