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Kenley’s Soft and Feminine Nursery

  • PN_Sabrina

    What a beautiful room!

  • EHayes

    Thank you, Sabrina!!

  • caitlin_mills

    Did you get the closet rods from ikea also?

  • EHayes

    no, they are all from lowes. I detailed how we did it here

  • Susan

    I’m searching Ikea furniture and I ran across your post… my 15 year old daughter’s name is Kenley too :) We’ve never seen anyone else with that name.
    I’m wondering how you picked the name :) I love the nursery too!

  • EHayes

    We just always liked it! We like that’s a bit different, but not too out there and sounds nice with Ashlynn, her older sister :)

  • Amber

    The floral blanket is listed as DIY, was this floral fabric easy to find?

  • EHayes

    Yes, its by Felicity Miller and I purchased on Hawthorne Threads. I just used aqua flannel on te reverse.

  • Danielle

    Beautiful Room! Do You Have a Page Where You Explain/Show How You Framed The Dresses? I Am Looking To Do This With a Couple Of My Daughters Dresses. I Love How Yours Don’t Look Flat In The Shadow Boxes Like Others I’ve Seen. Thanks!

  • Katie

    Do you ever make blanket does other people? I love the blanket in this picture it’s perfect!

  • Katie

    I meant do you make blankets for other people?


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