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Kai Alexander’s room

  • krit

    Hi there. I love your nursery. Did you have the bedding made? Very cute!

  • jenbucheli

    Thanks!  No the bedding is from Migi and I got it on It is adorable!


  • edrew1

    I love the rug-where did you find the rug?

  • jenbucheli

    Ikea for $20.00 and it wasn’t on sale.  :)  Thanks!

  • jmouritzen

    I like the crib – what kind is it/where is it from?

  • jenbucheli

    The crib is Babyletto Modo and was ordered from, here is the link:

    We love it!

  • CreativeCrumbs

    Oh my, I love the colors you used here.  It’s so modern and it’s not boring at all!

  • BriskRain

    OMG that rug is like $20??? It’s pretty and nice.  How could I have missed that when I was shopping for rugs???

  • TheLifeofPi

    Congratulations on this room.  I would love to copy it so it’s very helpful that you gave your sources :) Thanks and lotsa hugs!!!!

  • kellyjoy88

    So funny! I have a son (now 4) whose name is Kai Alexander and we live in Florida.

    I love the room!


  • kellyjoy88

    ps. my Kai’s bday is on Aug 11. 


    Has your Kai here yet?

  • kellyjoy88

    ps. my Kai’s bday is on Aug 11. 


    Has your Kai here yet?

  • jenbucheli

    How cool Kellyjoy88!  Yes my son Kai was born on August 4th.  We are so in love! 

  • tinat

    Very nice room. I was wondering if you bought the hardware for the dresser/changer separately? If so, where did you find it? I’m buying the same crib and love what you did by adding the hardware to the dresser.  Thanks!


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