Julie’s 2nd Birthday- Hot Cocoa Bar

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I helped design this party with my business partner for her little girls 2nd Birthday.

Design Inspiration

We knew that we wanted a color pallet of light blues, pinks, browns and a touch of grey. We thought these colors would play into the "warm" vibe we were trying to create with a hot coco bar

Decorating Style

Contemporary patterns mixed with a vintage flare I think helped set this party off. I love the chevron pattern and mixing with lace, doily's and burlap gave a unique and cute look ;)

Project Details

We found the awesome glass mugs from World Market. We actually ran across the white mugs at a local dollar store. Everything else was DIY. We recently bought a cricut and had fun with different banner styles. I also loved the scrap bunting along the front of the table.

Favorite Items

Love the backdrop, the use of the cricut made "JULIE" a cute focal point


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    You have Andes mint chips! And white chocolates! Your party is perfect for chocolate monsters like me.

  3. 3

    I love the idea of the hot cocoa bar, being a hot cocoa fan myself. Would have loved to crash your party, too.

  4. 4

    congratulations on being one of our favorite projects of the week– it’s a great party idea!

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