Jacob’s Green Bay Packers Nursery

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With Green Bay in the family blood, we decided to go with a Packer themed nursery sprinkled with cute Giraffes paraphernalia.

Design Inspiration

I love the Packers, and my wife's Grandfather played for Green Bay when helmets were still leather.  We're both a SINGLE shareholder in the organization, and we just wanted to have a little fun with the theme.

The giraffes were the wife's idea to sprinkle "cute" into the room.  We're tall, the giraffes are tall... so it fits theme-wise as well as color-wise

Decorating Style

No style per se.  I like clean looks, and real wood.  That's about it.

Project Details

You can find this in detail on my blog... ://thescareddad.com/nursery/


Favorite Items

The Packer Logo is by far my favorite item in the room, even though I ruined it by trying to be inventive with the hanging process.


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