It’s Some Bunnies Birthday

  • bunny ear gift wrap1/28
  • bunny tails - favors2/28
  • Bunny Tail and Bunny Ear Favors3/28
  • Bunny Carrot Toss4/28
  • Table overview5/28
  • Raw Vegan Strawberry Cake6/28
  • moss number two7/28
  • I made a 3d number with cardboard the glued sheets of moss over top and silk flowers for accents

    I made a 3d number with cardboard the glued sheets of moss over top and silk flowers for accents

  • Raw Vegan Bunny Cake and table display9/28
  • floral fixture10/28
  • fruit water11/28
  • cucumber wraps and veggie sticks12/28
  • raw vegan bunny cake13/28
  • foil number 214/28
  • waiting for friends to arrive15/28
  • bunny ear gifts16/28
  • dsc_887317/28
  • Me and my bunny girl18/28
  • seasonal fruits19/28
  • bunny carrot toss20/28
  • pin the tail on the bunny21/28
  • waiting for cake22/28
  • raw vegan chocolate cake mini23/28
  • raw vegan chocolate cake mini24/28
  • carnations tapped to wall25/28
  • raw vegan birthday cake26/28
  • large flowers27/28
  • whats a bunny birthday with out a bunny28/28


I chose to throw a bunny birthday for my daughters second birthday because she never stops hopping around. She loves all animals and bunnies are one of her favourite. I wanted to host a garden party. Sadly the rain that day kept us mostly indoors and undercover. But with the flowers and moss decorations it still felt like it could be in a garden. A lot of these ideas could also be great for Easter parties. Or resumed again for such events.

Olives dress was an inspiration for colours and decorations for her party. It was made by dragonbees whose shop can be found on Etsy. It was very whimsical which was the atmosphere I wanted to create. Her banner was downloaded and customized by a shop in Australia also purchased through Etsy  Billy and Scarlett. I had seen their banner used on 100cakelet and found the source through Pintrest. A lot of the decorations I made myself like her 3D moss number two Bunny ears and large flowers. Others I got from Michaels crafts and winners. I made her a raw vegan cake from pure food and wines owners cook book. This has been my favourite raw cake since visiting the restaurant in New York a few years ago. I picked up Sarma melengills cook book when I was there  just because my daughters vegan doesn't mean she can't have a beautiful and tasty cake  I topped it wish flowers which she loved  she is my flower child

we played games like pin the tail on the bunny and a carrot toss  the bunny bag hop didn't happen because of the rain  but she loved it and I hope she will remember it always


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