Isla’s Tea for Two Birthday Party

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My daughter, Isla, recently turned two, and to celebrate, we threw her a tea party ('Tea for Two'). I was inspired by a fun floral wall I saw at the Australian Open, and my amazing friend, Meredith (who owns Cake & Confetti) brought my vision to life!

Isla loves tea parties and throws them in her playroom all of the time, and so I thought it was appropriate for her to have a bigger party to celebrate turning two. Despite the downpour outside on the day of the party, everything went smoothly!

I had the entire party setup the night before except for food, which made the morning of (slightly) less stressful. I advice recruiting help from friends and family!

You can find sources to all items on my blog here, but if I'm missing anything, leave a comment below!

Other projects I've shared on Project Nursery: Isla's 1st birthday party (here) and her nursery (here).

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