Isla’s Modern Neutral Golden Nursery

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I designed a modern, neutral golden nursery for my daughter, Isla. I love white and gold, but wanted pops of color as well. I searched high and low to find pieces that didn't break the bank, but had to splurge on a glider from West Elm. IKEA and Target were very useful in the design process!

Design Inspiration

I was inspired by Rifle Paper Co. and Sugar Paper's prints. I love gold, but didn't want the room to be gaudy. I found a chandelier from Baby & Child and it became the centerpiece of my design process.

Decorating Style

Modern. Neutral. White. Clean. Floral. Golden.

Project Details

You can find all of the product links on my blog.

Favorite Items

I love the Baby & Child Chandelier and the West Elm Graham Glider!


Create a color palette you love then search the internet for main pieces that fit that scheme. Buy big pieces first, then add decorative touches later.


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    I was looking into ordering the same carpet from pottery barn but have been hearing mixed reviews about shedding and smells with their carpet especially wool. Do you know if they are pleased with the carpet or have had any issues? Thank you!

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