Ischa’s First Birthday!

  • Dessert table1/10
  • First birthday cake2/10
  • Limonade3/10
  • Popcorn4/10
  • Candy5/10
  • Cupcakes6/10
  • Dessert table 27/10
  • Dessert table 38/10
  • Impression9/10
  • Impression 210/10


My son turned one and they say the first birthday is the birthday for the mother. Well, I took advantage of it! I wanted to give him a special first birthday.

In our country they don't make dessert tables and the decoration doesn't go beyond balloons en screaming colours. I wanted to make something original. Project Nursery have been a great inspiration!

Design Inspiration

I love everything retro and vintage. I love the color blue. That was the starting point. I choose the colors purple, blue, green and orange. I had ordered scrapbookpaper in these colors with retro prints. I wanted to show the photo's from last year -  to see how he grew - so I chose this as a centerpiece.

Decorating Style

Retro, vintage and DIY!

Project Details

Everthing is DIY. I made the garlands, cake, cupcakes, popcorn bags, labels, pompoms, centerpiece and botlles of water.

I bought the paper straws at a Dutch online store. You can buy similar at

Favorite Items

To be honest, I just love everything!


Stick to your colorscheme!


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