Hello Kitty First Birthday

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My client wanted to bring back the classic Hello Kitty design. Her daughter favorite color is red so it was a great combination to use to create a magical environment. Everything was made from scratch (yes everything) and with a lot of love and patients it all came together.

Design Inspiration

Classic Hello Kitty

Decorating Style

Fun  with a focus on space planning.

Project Details

Ser Bella Events on Facebook. Come see the rest of the party....

Favorite Items

I must say the balloon arch was a work of art.


Be creative and have fun. Dont be scared to go outside the box.


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    Oh my!  A friend’s daughter loves Hello Kitty and she’s sure to love this party!  I think that more than the Hello Kitty motif, what makes this party very lovable is the colors you’ve used.  Bright, basic and bold!

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